Thursday, July 28, 2016


-Vav Vavrek was born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and grew up in the shadows of the rusting smokestacks of Pittsburgh.  A slight brain malfunction caused zim to ride screaming into the wind on a faded steel horse until ze lost his voice in Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2011 Vav violently dug up zir roots and tried to cultivate a new existence in the smog belt of the increasingly misnamed city of angels.  The decade-long drought in California caused zim to cross the continent again in 2016.  Vav is now sharing zir artistic ailment at Alfred State College as an adjunct professor and technician for the Digital Media & Animation department.


-Vav Vavrek is a creator of things and a maker of sounds. Ze enjoys hardware and software synthesis of audio and video, making field recordings, and creating crazy sounds. Most of the time, Vav works on multimedia art projects, experimental films, sculptures, and interactive installations.  Vav builds weird instruments and creates software; as well as experiments with analog synthesis using old test equipment and other electronic waste. Vav’s films and artwork have shown around the world, with recent inclusions in festivals in the USA, Greece, Italy (Sicily), Spain, and India.